The New Generation of football Predictions is ready!

Advanced machine learning algorithm & back-testing

Interact with the new technology

State of the art software to predict football outcomes and profitable distinct approaches, based on machine learning techniques.

Machine Learning

Easy to use advanced machine learning (ML) algorithm

Backtesting Profit

Back testing ML results to get the profit of a system using real (past) data

Variety of features

Include a variety of statistics and odds prices for taking place in the ML training procedure

Relative Importance of statistics

Relative importance of statistics in relation to the outcome of a prediction

Yield Graphs

Cumulative yield graph over the time period to check the stability of a system over the time

Get a Prediction!

Futbalbrain is a machine learning algorithm platform that predicts football games outcomes, based on the statistics or/and odds prices of past matches.


Predicts the probability of many football outcomes

Games picks

Make a system and get prediction picks for future games

Fine Tuning

Users can interact with ML algorithm to tune the code, add/remove features, so as to improve the results

Custom Ranges

Search systems based on different odds price ranges to improve profitability

Success Rate

Machine learning shows detailed correct / false predictions

Save your systems

Save your systems and organize your dashboard

  • Easy to use advanced machine learning algorithm

  • Variety of statistics and past odds for ML training

  • Predicts many markets of football outcome

  • Users can interact to tune the statistics

  • Correct / False predictions – success rate

  • Relative importance of statistics to the outcome of prediction

  • Back testing process for profitability of a system

  • Search positive profitability in different odds ranges

  • Cumulative yield graph over the time period

  • Picks of future predictions

  • Save your systems

Grow your systems and enjoy the Benefits of Machine Learning, the easy way!

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